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    Conditions & Declarations

    Article 1. General

    1.    These terms and conditions apply to all offers, assignments, services, announcements, advice, acceptances, deliveries, performances, work and further agreements of Rijschool Haneman, with the exception of, subject to if and insofar as the driving school declares otherwise in writing.
    2.    In all cases where the driving school deviates from a provision of these general terms and conditions, the other provisions will remain in full force.
    3.    All offers are without obligation. The driving school is only bound after the driving school's commitments have been confirmed in writing.
    4.    Every assignment or registration that has been confirmed to the student by the driving school is considered binding by me unless the confirmation is contradicted in writing within 5 days of receipt.
    5.    The applicability of any general terms and conditions of the student is expressly rejected.

    Article 2. Driving school obligations

    The driving school is obliged to ensure that:
    1.    the driving lesson is given by a qualified instructor who meets the requirements of the Motor Vehicle Driving Instruction Act (WRM);
    2.    the entire duration of the lesson is used for the benefit of driving instruction;
    3.    the student is given sufficient opportunity to practice in a car equivalent to the one in which the exam is taken;
    4.    the application for the driving test has actually been submitted by the driving school – with payment of the applicable amounts and with submission of the required documents – to the competent authority, no later than three weeks after the date on which, in consultation with the student has decided that the driving test can be applied for and on which the student has paid the costs of the exam to the driving school;
    5.    all necessary (company) insurance policies are available;
    6.    the student is informed that as soon as there is a denial of the license to drive motor vehicles, he/she must/will report this to the driving school.

    Article 3. Obligations student

    1.    The student is obliged to follow all instructions of the instructor during the driving lessons.
    2.    The student must adhere to the agreed time, date and place for the driving lesson and if he does not show up for the agreed lesson without timely cancellation, pay the full lesson price.
    3.    If the student shows up late, the lesson duration will be shortened by the amount of time the student was late. In that case, the full lesson time must be paid.
    4.    In the event of an impediment, the student will report this to the driving school in good time and at least 24 hours before the lesson. In that case, no costs will be charged, and another appointment will be made for the lesson.
    5.    A driving lesson that is canceled within 24 hours can be charged in full.
    6.    For the application for the practical exam and interim test, the student must authorize the driving school via to confirm the reservation of the exam.
    7.    Before starting the driver training, the student must provide all relevant information about his/her medical and/or psychological situation and medication, alcohol and/or drug use, which may affect the lessons and the ability to drive or to drive.
    8.    The student must ensure that he/she has the necessary documents for the practical and theoretical exams of the competent authority. The driving school is not liable for the consequences if the student is unable to take an exam as a result of the lack of the necessary documents.
    9.    If there is a question of denial of the license to drive motor vehicles, the student is obliged to report this to the driving school. If the student fails to mention this, the driving school is not liable for this.

    Item 4. Payment

    1.    Unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing, the student is obliged to pay the agreed amount for the driver training in cash. The costs of the learning and teaching books or teaching materials for the practical and/or theory lessons must be paid in cash on delivery, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.
    2.    The driving school is entitled during the duration of the lesson agreement to adjust the lesson price. In that case, the student has the right to dissolve the lesson agreement, which authority he/she can use up to 2 weeks after becoming aware of the price change.
    3.    If a driving lesson is not paid in cash to the instructor, the student will receive an invoice. If this invoice is not paid within fourteen days, the student is in default without further notice of default. In the event of default of the student, he/she owes an interest payment of 5% per month, to be calculated from the due date of the invoice.
    4.    If the student fails to pay the amount due after a reminder, the amount will be increased with collection costs. The collection costs include both judicial and extrajudicial costs. The extrajudicial costs amount to 20% of the amount due.
    5.    In the event of late payment by the student, the driving school has the right to suspend or dissolve the agreement concerned and all further agreements concluded between the parties, but not or only partially implemented, at least to be regarded as dissolved without judicial intervention and without prejudice to the right to claim compensation for damage, lost profit and interest.
    6.    The student can then no longer derive any rights from that agreement, while any payment arrangements have expired and payment of already executed assignments is immediately and in full due. Any agreed discounts will also lapse.

    Article 5. Application for practical exam, re-examination, interim test

    1.    Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the costs for the exam application must be paid to the driving school simultaneously or before the application.
    2.    If the driving test is canceled due to the student's vacation, the student is responsible for the costs, unless the holiday period is stated in writing to the driving school when the exam request is made.
    3.    After oral or written announcement, the driving school is entitled to pass on interim price changes of the practical exam implemented by the CBR.

    Article 6. Practical exam

    1.    If the practical exam cannot take place due to the student's absence because he/she has failed to state his/her prevented dates in writing when applying for the exam, the student himself/herself shall bear all resulting costs.
    2.    If the competent authority does not allow the driving test on the agreed date and time due to bad weather conditions, a new date will be planned in consultation with him/her.
    3.    If the student has insufficient driving skills, the driving school may decide to refuse or postpone the exam.

    Article 7. Terminating the lesson agreement

    1.    If the agreement has not been entered into for a number of lessons, both the driving school and the student have the right to terminate the lesson agreement prematurely. If an amount has already been paid in advance, the student is entitled in this case to a refund of any amount paid in advance, after deduction of the examination fees already paid to the competent authority, driving lessons already taken and also administration costs.
    2.    If the agreement has been entered into for a fixed number of lessons or a fixed period, the student can only terminate it for such compelling reasons that he cannot reasonably be expected to continue it, under obligation to reimburse the lesson price of a lesson plus the administration costs. If the amount is paid in advance in one go, the driving school will refund the amount owed less the examination fee paid by him/her plus the driving lessons already taken and administration costs.
    3.    The driving school can only terminate the lesson agreement for such urgent reasons that the driving school cannot be expected to continue this under the reimbursement to the student of those (lessons) fees for which the driving school has not yet has performed.
    4.    The agreement is immediately dissolved by the possible death of the student.
    5.    Upon termination of the lesson agreement, the student is in all cases entitled to a refund of examination fees paid to the driving school at the rate determined by the competent authority, insofar as the driving school has not yet received these fees. submitted to the competent authority. Only for exams reserved by name is entitled to a refund.

    Article 8. Disclaimer

    The driving school indemnifies the student against claims from third parties as a result of collisions, hitting or running over during the driving lesson, and also during the practical exam unless;
    The student misbehaves in such a way that despite the instructor's intervention, the traffic violation or collision takes place;
    during the driving lesson the student is under the influence of narcotics, alcohol, or medicines that can affect the driving ability and that after an offense or collision it appears that;
    the student has been banned from driving and has concealed this.
    the student has provided or concealed incorrect information about his or her medical limitations.

    Article 9. Liability

    The driving school's liability is at all times limited to the amount for which it is insured and for which actual cover is provided. The driving school is never liable for any indirect costs and/or damage arising from or related to the lesson agreement.

    November 22, 2021

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    November 22, 2021

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Driving lessons not taken will always be refunded.

    Yes, you are fully insured in the car.

    If you get sick you will not lose your driving lesson. I use 24 hours prior to unsubscribe. Being ill unexpectedly can happen once. No cancellation has been lost.

    No problem, we will work on this and we can solve a lot with an (TTT) interim test. A good foundation makes you much more confident.

    You can pay me in installments or cash before the start of your driving lesson.

    Each new term must be received before the start of a new lesson.
    You can pay in a maximum of 4 installments.

    Driving school Haneman does not have an automatic transmission in the fleet.

    A lot is possible in consultation. Discuss your wishes and what you would like to learn. I think in solutions and possibilities.

    For every new student who purchases a package and starts driving with me, you will receive a lesson in return. So 3 new students is 3 lessons for you. These new students must then have paid and mention your name with me.

    Driving lessons can be taken in Meppel and the surrounding area. My driving lessons will be given as much as possible in the get and bring method. After all, you drive the full 60 minutes. In addition, as a co-driver you also learn a lot.