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Under the motto riding together, Duo lessons.

Do you want to experience driving with another student during rush hours in another city? Eg: Zwolle, Leeuwarden or Groningen,

Then we’ll see if we can organize that together.

We drive together to another city and go there to look for the crowds and fun.

One drives there and the other drives back. Arriving in the other city we change places.

After 2 hours have a drink (coffee, tea or soft drink) and evaluate and then continue.

These lessons are deducted from the package or booked separately and paid in advance.

Consumptions are at my expense and the break is not deducted from the class hours.

How many errors theory test car?

How much error you are allowed to make in the car theory test depends on the component. Your theory exam consists of three different parts:

Knowledge questions, insight questions and hazard perception questions.

The knowledge and insight questions consist of multiple choice questions, yes-no questions, drag questions and fill-in questions. The hazard perception questions are multiple choice questions. You see a situation on the road and must quickly assess whether you would really do nothing, let go of the gas or brake. This can be tricky if you’ve never driven a car before. So you only have a few seconds to make your choice, no choice is wrong.

The section: knowledge questions contains 12 questions of which you must get 10 correct.
(max 2 mistake)

The section: insight questions contains 28 questions of which you have 25 correct.
(max 3 mistake)

The part: hazard perception you get 25 questions of which you must get 13 correct.
(max 12 error)
Although you are allowed to make mistakes during your theory exam, it is of course important that you stay within the allowed margin. This is best done by preparing well and practicing well.

Driving lessons Driving license B Driving school Haneman Meppel

“Quality and safety and a pleasant atmosphere. These are very important to me and therefore translate into a good basis with the right driving training. Driving school Haneman in Meppel offers several driving lesson packages to follow driving lessons to obtain the B driving license.

Important: More or less hours driven are always calculated. If you have needed fewer driving lessons, you will get money back from me. If you need more driving lessons, you pay these on top of the package price. Every lesson is recorded and signed off.”

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