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How do you get driving lessons

You want to get your driver's license and you want to learn to drive properly and safely. You want to do this in a nice atmosphere, a nice car and good guidance.

Driving school Haneman offers safe driving lessons for young and old. Whether you are driving for the first time or for a repeat, safety comes first. Driving school Haneman uses the general terms and conditions.


You choose Driving School Haneman.

You choose driving school Haneman because I teach according to the latest guidelines. My training is based on the 'driving in steps' training (RIS).


The basis of driving is safety and insight.

We therefore also start at the beginning and expand this at your pace to an experienced driver with a sense of road holding and insight into traffic. My goal is to try to ride in any weather and let you experience the differences.


Road preparation.

Practice makes perfect, they say. Yes, that's the hard truth, we are going to spend the entire time explaining and practicing. Your time is valuable and if you spend your effort well, this will eventually be rewarded with a good conclusion of the theory and practical exam.


Almost on the road yourself.

I have already mentioned safety and I think it is very important to be able to send you safely on the road. I will therefore commit to 100% as an instructor and expect the same from you as a student. By taking the interim test you know where you stand and so you can get an exemption for your special transactions. We also receive feedback about your route and what we need to work on to get you through the exam. It is therefore in your own interest to take this test.

You are not liable for anything during the entire lesson unless otherwise stated in the Terms & Conditions. For example: being under the influence of alcohol or drugs or having a driving ban.


Driving school Haneman offers several driving lesson packages for the driving license B.

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Ready for a safe Driving Experience

Quality and Safety and a pleasant atmosphere.

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  • Latest teaching methods
  • No waiting list, start immediately
  • Free theory support
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